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Nature is real spring of life, wisdom, health and beauty. Owing to the selective use of carrier oils, essential oils and extracts, ETERIKA collection has been made. It represents an incredible temptation for contact and harmony with Nature.

Face care collection especially developed for preserving Youth appearance.
  • Body care collection is developed in the spirit of modern trends, proved effect for the harmony of spirit and body.
  • Hair care collection –miraculous gift from Nature for healthy, vital, silky and brilliant hair.
  • Health and beauty collection –natural products with wholesome effect on the whole family.
  • Natural carrier oils demonstrate wholesome effect and incredible resources of Nature.
  • Natural essential oils give You unique pleasure from the communication with Nature, bringing You ease, health and beauty.
  • Natural floral waters-steam distilled products with the scent of Rose, Lavender, symbolizing sunny Bulgaria.
Our products contain compositions of high-quality essential oils, dissolved in natural base oils. They ensure the perfect sliding during the massage and permit easy absorbing by the skin.

There is a leaflet to each package, containing information about the ingredients, how to use the product and the aromatherapy itself.

Traditionally high quality of the production guarantees its constantly presence and competitiveness at the market.

Broaden Your Nature esteem with the ultimate ETERIKA collection of ecologically clean and high quality natural products.

Don’t hesitate to make Your right choice and choose ETERIKA as Your youth –preserving fellow-traveler.

ETERIKA Ltd. is a manufacturer of essential and vegetable carrier oils, floral waters and herbal medicine cosmetics. Wholesale and retail trade with pure essential oils and their mixtures, cosmetics for face, body and hair, alginate masks, oils for bath, aromalamps...
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