Essential oils, aromatherapy and cosmetic series Etherics

Essential oils, aromatherapy and cosmetic series Etherics

Eterica is a Bulgarian producer of natural essential oils, natural aromatic products and cosmetic products with natural composition. Modern production and technological schemes set in the work process guarantee high quality of our products.

Products in focus

Aroma diffuser

Do you often feel irritable or can't sleep? If you practice a sport or yoga, or like to listen to soothing music, then the aroma diffuser combined with essential oils is the perfect addition to soothe the body and mind. If you use the diffuser, this will allow you to enjoy the fragrant air and healthy lifestyle.


Regenerating face oil

Intensively nourishes, maintains the healthy appearance, elasticity and freshness of dry and mature skin. Favors cell renewal and has a smoothing effect. Visibly reduces wrinkles, lifts the contour, gives density and volume.


Aroma composition "Concentration"

Enhances concentration, attention and improves agility of mind. Increases efficiency and contributes to a more successful learning process. Helps with mental and emotional stress.


Why choose us?


Our mission is to stand out and tirelessly pursue our basic understandings: our own raw materials, closed cycle, high quality, reasonable prices.


The first rose oil was produced by a private entrepreneur in May 1992. Fact certified by Protocol № 1 / 19.06.1992 of the State Laboratory "Bulgarian Rose".


Since 1996 we have been constantly improving and creating cosmetic series with selected raw materials to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes and preferences.

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