Distillation floral waters of Eterica - benefits and applications

Distillation floral waters of Eterica - benefits and applications


Natural distillation waters have been known and valued since ancient times for their skin care and continue to be used in natural cosmetics, perfumery, aromatherapy and cooking. They have anti-inflammatory, soothing effect, hydrate and regulate oiliness, maintain health and protect the skin.

Natural waters, also known as hydrosols, are obtained by distillation and contain all the water-soluble substances from the medicinal plants from which they are derived. The greater the amount of essential oil contained in them, the more concentrated the aroma of water and, accordingly, its useful properties. At the same time, the concentration of essential oils is low and makes them safe to use. They can be used by both adults and children and babies.

Eterica has the privilege to offer a total of 30 types of distillation water in two separate series - Natural and Biological.

They include: pink, lavender, chamomile, geranium, sage, pine, basil, mint and orange water, sumac water, nettle, yarrow, St. John's wort, balm and thyme.


Daily skin cleansing: with the help of a cotton swab clean the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.

Hydrating and toning skin and hair: spreads directly on the skin of the face, body and hair. Can be applied for refreshment throughout the day.

Compresses: placed on the affected areas of the skin in case of burns, skin irritations, insect bites.

Bath: added to the water moisturize the skin and the aroma has an aromatherapeutic effect.

Natural perfume spray: sprayed directly on the skin of the body and perfumed with a natural delicate aroma.

Oral hygiene: gurgling for a minute is a good prevention of oral hygiene.

Enrichment of masks and cosmetics

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