Etherica Cosmetic Hair Oils - Benefits and Applications

Etherica Cosmetic Hair Oils - Benefits and Applications


Hair has natural functions to protect against external factors and to properly hydrate the hair. However, these mechanisms cease to operate "at full speed" under the influence of various negative influences. At this point, essential hair oils come to the rescue. We all know that exposing hair to cold, wind, etc. makes it dry and brittle. But few people know the reason for this. This common problem among women is rooted in the removal of the top layer of greasy secretions. Hair oils can have a variety of hair benefits, depending on the plant from which they are derived. For even more complete action and restoration of dry hair, we at Eterica offer powerful combinations of essential oils and vegetable oils that ensure its rapid recovery.

Cosmetic hair oils and their useful properties:

● Chamomile oil is one of the most common natural products for beautiful hair. It has not only anti-inflammatory action, but also nourishes and protects hair from damage from natural daily pollutants;

● Do you have oily hair? Lemon essential oil will help you deal with this problem. It has a drying and soothing effect. For this reason, you can use it in the fight against dandruff and acne on the head;

● Due to its function to "rejuvenate" hair follicles, thyme hair oil is usually used against hair loss;

●     Mint has a beneficial effect on hair growth. In addition, this hair oil unclogs pores and causes normal fat secretion, making it ideal for people with dry hair.

Eterica's product variety gives you the opportunity to expand the benefits of essential oils in your daily life.

Along with hair oils, Etherica essential oils can help improve the functioning of your body or parts of it.

If you want, along with hair and health, to maintain your face with natural products, then the floral waters of Eterica are just for you.

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