Vegetable base oils

Vegetable base oils


Vegetable oils (or base oils) are derived from oilseeds and essential oils, each of which has different benefits for humans. Some are preferred in the cosmetics industry, while others are mainly used for cooking. Although many plants involve the extraction of nutrients from them, there are a small number of vegetable oils that enjoy special attention. The trend towards people's growing interest in vegetable oils is mainly due to the hundreds of recommendations from experts on their benefits as part of our daily lives. A deeper knowledge of their characteristics confirms their beneficial effect:

● On the one hand, scientists call for the use of vegetable oils in the kitchen and make them part of our daily menu;

● On the other hand, in the beauty industry there is a growing trend to use natural products in hair, skin and body care. How are vegetable oils extracted? Vegetable oils are extracted from nuts, seeds and fruits of plants by cold pressing and fine purification without heating at high temperatures. The reason we use this technology is that it preserves their valuable qualities and extends their shelf life. We at Eterica produce and process our raw materials completely independently in order to guarantee our customers high quality and transparency. What are the benefits of vegetable oils? Depending on the way you use vegetable oils, they can have different positive effects on your body and organism. Their main benefits are that they speed up cell metabolism and improve blood circulation. When using vegetable oils as a cosmetic product, they restore skin elasticity and collagen formation. Along with the various vegetable oils, you can also find essential oils with us, which also offer a wide range of possible applications for health, vision and even your home. Get high quality products of clear origin for maximum results.

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